Hi folks! My name is Nabarun and I’m an Indian guy studying in Sweden. In this post I’ll talk about my experiences of being an Indian (Asian, not Native American) in Sweden and learning the language.

Nabarun means “Morning sun”. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Swedes I’ve met say that it sounds very spiritual. They refer to India as a spiritual country. Some people have posters or small statues of our gods at home as they think they look so cool. Does that offend me as an Indian? No, not at all! It’s totally fine to be interested in a culture and its religion without “buying the whole package”. I don’t blame anyone for liking our food either. I was happy to find some Indian restaurants here in Stockholm. Yum!

Young Western people come to seek mystical wisdom in India. I think they expect to see painted cows, women in colourful clothes and old men with long beards sitting cross-legged playing sitars in every corner of the modern cities. Maybe they think the air is vibrating with spirituality and that every word spoken sounds “deep”. Perhaps they think we Indians are totally altruistic. Although my native country has some of these features (in moderate doses) it's much more complex than that. Just like any other country it’s changing and becoming modern. Sorry if I disappoint some Swedes when I say that.

Well, so that is what some Swedes say about my country. In all I believe they have a positive picture of India, even though it's a bit too romantic. When I came to Sweden I have to admit that I wasn’t prepared to meet the warm summers. I thought it would be dead cold all the time. To my shame I came here with the stereotypical picture of Swedish blondes as I had heard they were easy to pick up and not very bright. Yes, I’m ashamed of that now. How ridiculous! I realise that. I’m a modern man and see woman as equal to man. So far I haven’t met one Swedish female who reminds me of that blonde stereotype. They all strike me as intelligent. Often they come across as tougher than Swedish males.  

Studying Swedish is tricky. Luckily I know English and that helps the learning process. I think Swedish is an unadorned and beautiful language. It’s an ordeal trying to handle languages that uses another alphabet than I’m used to. Maybe I’ll be able to write a new post in Swedish one day.

Nabarun (guest blogger)

Nabarun is 24 years old and comes from Delhi, India. Now he is in Stockholm, Sweden, studying and working.



Jan Lindkvist
26/06/2012 13:03

Hi, it was interesting about the life of an Indian in Sweden. I think you are absolutely right saying Swedes sees India as a place of wisdom. I wanted to go to India in the 60s but went to ireland instead. Sounds boring, I should have gone there but was a bit afraid of the drugs etc.

Jan Lindkvist
26/06/2012 15:31

Thank you! You sound much more disciplined than I am.
I (and my generation guys in Sweden, I might say) was quite satisfied drinking and having a good time in the 60s. You Indians are perhaps more focused than many of us where. I have never worked out in my life; I don't have a tendency to get fat. It sounds very enlightened, being muscular and learned. I guess that pays later in life. I can’t say I got very happy in the long run by my attitude. Keep on shining!

02/10/2013 13:38


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Fredrik Andersson
04/07/2012 10:18

Pretty neat!

21/08/2012 11:15

Love the tiger! :)

Vikram Mavlankar
26/10/2012 10:25

well, how is work over there? am planning to come in Sweden for studying and working.. are jobs available?? Kindly reply... doing short course of 3 months and work there is it possible???

Rohit Ghadge
27/10/2012 12:14

Hey i am looking forward to pursue my master's degree in enginnering from sweden. I don't know a lot about the country so please guide me.Thankyou.

17/01/2013 07:57

hey bro.... u r post was very helpful...am sandheep from chennai...I wanna go to Sweden for my higher studiees...can u help me out pls ..

04/03/2013 07:04

Hi, it's a nice representation about Sweden... thanx for that.

Dear i am Kumar from AP, India. Planning to come Sweden for MS i want to know about the job opportunities there..
can u plz help me by providing the details

thanks alot

18/03/2013 12:38

Its interesting how the Swedes have 'wisdom' in their comments here and the Indians only want to know about coming to Sweden and finding jobs. Idiots! Widen your horizons. Its not always about coming to a new country to find a job and convert currency.

02/10/2013 11:30


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