Travel Essentials: Guide to Packing a Suitcase for Airplane Flights

Traveling by airlines does not have to be time consuming during security checks. Knowing what travel essentials you need in your suitcase ensures a simple security check. Travel essentials make things easier so you don’t hold up the line while your suitcase is checked.

Passengers don’t like long wait times when traveling by airplane. So the faster you get through security the quicker and happier you will be and so will other passengers on the flight. Here is a list of travel essentials: the suitcase guide.

Travel Essentials: The Suitcase Guide

Select the Right Shoes

Don’t pack shoes that you won’t wear during your travels. Shoes are heavy and bulky when packed in a suitcase. Pack sandals for a warm climate and boots if arriving at a cold climate. For shoes worn on the plane, wear something simple and light for a comfortable plane ride.

Read the Security Measures For the Airline

Knowing what security the airline has will help you know what you can and cannot carry on the airline. This information is found on the US Transportation Security Administration of Homeland Security.

Pack the Suitcase Light

Don’t pack heavy items or items you won’t use. Mix and match clothing is best when traveling. It makes your suitcase lighter and you can wear multiple items when you mix and match. Pack what you will wear more then twice and omit what you will wear only once. This is the easiest way to pack your suitcase so that it’s not packed heavy.

Carry No Metals in Suitcases

Metal is detected through the x-ray machine at airports, which causes a delay in boarding the plane. When the x-ray machine picks up metal, your suitcase will be opened by security. Security will go through to find out what you are carrying aboard the plane.

Carry On Suitcase

Airlines allow one small suitcase carried on the plane that fits in an overhead compartment. One personal item such as a purse or tote is allowed with the one suitcase. Pack only what you need and none of what you don’t need. Check you airline for size and weight of suitcase allowed aboard the plane.

Electronic Essentials

Use small plastic baggies to carry cell phones, chargers and cords. This helps the airline security to see what you have so that the line moves faster.

Carrying only the travel essentials in the suitcase you need is the best way to ensure your flight takes off with ease.